Two quick things…

First, THANK YOU for all the support and submission that have been given to this blog! I am so overwhelmed that this space is helpful to so many people and that we have created a wonderful place to celebrate all the things that Fat Girls* do!! <3<3

Secondly, I have a few things to address submission wise… In the past week or so I have received a few submissions that I haven’t felt comfortable posting. Two were anon hate and obvious trolling so I had no problem deleting those, but some other ones weren’t so clear….I have had some submissions where people were asking for emotional support for someone else. (EX: A guy asking for people to send positive messages to his girlfriend)  I don’t personally have a problem with people doing this, because I think it’s coming from a really thoughtful place, however, I don’t think this blog is the appropriate place for these kinds of submissions to be posted. There are a couple reasons why I don’t feel it is appropriate:

1. I don’t know if this person is a “Fat Girl*”.

2. This person has not personally given permission to have her ask box filled with random messages.

3. Posting a request for people to send her messages could end up bringing mean anons and trolls into her ask box which no body needs.

4. And finally, this is a place to celebrate what Fat Girls are doing, which to me is a form of emotional support. I personally find it really helpful for my self esteem to see people who look like me living life to the fullest and doing things that I don’t normally get to see people like me doing. It is my hope that if a fellow Fat Girl* needed a confidence boost they could reach out to this community themselves and receive support personally from us. I am totally open to Fat Girls submitting or asking  about needing more Fat Girl friends, or needing tips about self esteem, or any other questions, advice, or anything they might need!

I hope this makes sense, and I hope it clears things up a bit. Thanks again for being such a great, open, and awesome community of Fat Girls*!! I love all of you! And as always…Have a great day! <3<3

* The term “Fat Girls” is meant to be an inclusive term and includes all folks who identify as Fat Girls…not just the cis ones!

Fat & Sassy Ursula and Greek Goddess for Halloween. Mother and Daughter who are Best Friends.

fat girls go on dates!

granted this date did not go well at all and in fact, was a terrible disaster but i got all dressed up and i figured since it was wasted on the date, i might as well share the cuteness with this fun blog!

Fat girl getting married!

Fat girls have fun at their birthday parties.

fat grrrl hiking through the english countryside (26/28)


Me & my daughter cosplaying together !


Fattin’ it up.


Fattin’ it up.

Fat girl pole dancing!
(or trying to)

A message from Anonymous
Can I submit if I don't have a tumblr account? :/

Yes absolutely! I believe you just use an e-mail address when you submit if you don’t have a tumblr account. Otherwise if that doesn’t work please feel free to contact me again and I can figure something out! Thanks for asking! 

Have a great day! <3<3

This fat girl had surgery recently.

Fat girls get down on prom night with their boyfriend!

Fat Girl on her Wedding Day.

Fat Girls get professional photo shoots of themselves because WE ARE BEAUTIFUL!

Fat girls buy wigs and play dress up!